Saturday, January 10, 2015

green love.

one of the goals i wrote on tuesday's list, was to have a bit of green time, everyday. my goal is to spend a bit of time out in my garden everyday. not necessarily a huge chunk of time, it might only be 5 minutes or so, but just enough time to get at least one task done a day. maybe getting the plants watered, or pulling some weeds or dead growth from a bed or a pot. little jobs, working me towards a neat, tidy and productive little space.

it's going well so far!

i FINALLY got my act together and got some tomatoes planted out!
i had four poor plants that were languishing in teeny pots in a box next to my front door, i hope they still do ok.
i'm also trying to keep them (and the barely surviving chilli plant i planted last year on bb's request) safe with the bird netting. stay away possums!

the potatoes i planted seem to be pretty happy...

though i do need to top up the bags again. so excited about the prospect of home grown potatoes!

tidying up this strawberry box was one of my little 5 minute jobs this week.

there was a whole heap of dead growth on the plants (oops, forgot to water properly on the hot days!) as well as quite a few weeds. looking good now though!

i left the job of pulling out my broad bean plants a little bit late...

and it's growing again! OOPS! oh well, fresh broad beans will never go astray.

and finally, my yard is looking a bit tidier than last time...

phew! feeling a lot happier in this space now. and now to keep it up!

how's your green space looking? how much time do you spend tending your patch?


Rachelle said...

It is looking good, mine is needing more water I think, but the spinach and kale are doing well. I've not been spending a lot of time out there as I've been busy painting instead; that's done now though so time to get weeding.

Megan said...

My garden is so overgrown with weeds. I got a gardener in to weed it and was planning on getting someone to spread mulch too but that quote came back much more expensive than I thought so I haven't yet and now the weeds are all back again. Sigh. However, the lawns are looking pretty good. Five minutes of green time a day is a great idea! Maybe I will need to instigate that at the new house.