Tuesday, November 11, 2014

projects galore.

how many projects is too many projects?

i have a real addiction to starting new things at the moment, and even though i really, REALLY want the satisfaction of FINISHING something, i keep starting things!

so that would be, two pairs of socks, a mitred square memory blanket, bits of a tea cosy (still don't know what size tea-pot i'm knitting for, so technically, i CAN'T finish), a stack of swatches to stitch together into another blanket...
oh and a puzzle. that's a slow process now that all the easy (colourful and patterned) bits are done, and only hard (black and unpatterned) bits are left...

if only i had another few sets of hands... i could knit so much more ha ha!

how many projects do you have on the go at the moment?


Kate said...

I'm too scared to count.
But at least as many as you if not one or two more.

Mistea said...

I've got this many yarn projects on the go, plus a whole bunch of little baggies I started a couple of weeks ago! If the yarn did not come in a hank there would definitely be one more wip here.

Betsy said...

I understand completely! I have a pair of socks, two blankets, oops, make that three blankets and a scarf on the go. It's that time of year!

Megan said...

A painting, two crochet blankets, a Christmas present for my sister, a folded paper Christmas decoration, a crochet cushion cover, that Frosted Pumpkin Stichery Christmas thing from LAST year that I have never picked up again after not finishing it before last Christmas. Sigh. The list goes on unfortunately but they are the main ones that I want to finish. Obsessed Starters Anonymous here we come.