Monday, September 23, 2013

meal planning monday.

monday again, and with the help of my newly started recipe database, i'm ready and raring to go!

tonight, i'm going to whip up the broccolini pad thai (sfi sep '13, pg 42) i was talking about last week. we ended up having pizza instead on saturday night... oops!

tomorrow night, i want to try out ANOTHER new recipe! this time a teriyaki salmon (sfi june '13, pg 53). with all of the recipes i have easily available to me now, i'm realising that we really don't eat enough fish... so i'm going to aim for fish once a week, oh and a vego meal once a week too. just don't tell bb that last one ok?

wednesday night is ncb night. delicious cafe food for me that night and bb can fend for himself!

thursday night is my late night this week, so i think i'll pop some drunken pork in the slow cooker again. have almost whittled down those pesky leftover beers in the fridge ;)

friday night, i'm heading into the city to play in a table tennis tournament at bb's work. i'd say there'll be pizza provided and a couple of friday night drinks too. should be great fun!

saturday night, i'm intending to head down to my parent's place and catch up with my cousin who is house-sitting for them at the moment. mum and dad, the lucky things, are currently on holidays!!!

on sunday night, i'm hoping to get a roast happening! i've been trying to get us into the habit of a sunday roast, but the last couple of weeks it just hasn't happened... fingers crossed for this week!

what are you cooking this week? tried any new recipes lately?

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Reanna Clark said...

Teriyaki salmon sounds amazing! I hope it turns out well.
I try and aim for one seafood a week too, otherwise I'd forget to eat it!