Friday, October 7, 2011

vintage crochet friday.

this week i thought i'd play along with lara, every week she posts a picture of a vintage crochet project, some hilarious and some not too bad actually...
i was looking through a magazine series that my neighbour gifted me before she moved, to find some crochet edging ideas/patterns.

this magazine series is really great, there's a section for just about every craft imaginable!
and there are a LOT of vintage crochet images in it too!

bikini anyone?

flower motif jumper.

a very flat looking blouse.

something to hang in the window.

and my favourite of all, the crocheted string bag. i LOVE the pose. the props. the accompanying outfit. so neat!

hope you've got a great weekend planned!


Sally said...

Oh vintage crochet is so funny. The lady I sat next to at work had a crocheted wedding dress. We had a good laugh when she bought in her wedding album.

Vic said...

I have to say, it's all well & good except for that "blouse"... huh?! lol

tartankiwi said...

Oh dear, that blouse is TERRIBLE!