Friday, October 14, 2011

etsy friday finds.

the lovely margaret quite often posts some etsy finds on a friday, so this week i thought i'd join in!

i'm always on the look-out for some cute hairwear to dress up my work uniform and these are some of my favourites on etsy at the moment... (click on the pictures to be taken to the original etsy post)

as you can see, i'm a bit of a fan of flowery head pieces. and vintagey metal pieces. oh and newborns. yup, they're alright too!

apologies for the tres late post, i got called into work until 9pm last minute AND i can feel a head cold coming on. oh and i'm working all weekend! roll on monday ha ha!
hope your weekend is fabulous!

1 comment:

Lauren said...

very cute...hope you're feeling better! thanks for the beautiful bunt. It arrived yesterday! I'm glad that you sewed AND crocheted!