Monday, October 24, 2011

bunting along.

i've been getting bunting in the mail almost every day the last couple of weeks. there's nothing better than receiving a letter in the mail, especially when it's full of such lovely, colourful flags :D

these beauties are from jill, faith, lauren and rachael.

and these are from jules, lea, beberouge and sophie.

so many beautiful flags using so many different techniques :D thank you ladies!
and they're definitely getting me through the ick list which today is featuring ironing, microwave cleaning, dishes and cleaning the floors. ick!

i've got lots to look forward to after the ick though. i'm making a curry from my new cookbook for dinner and i'm going to have a scroll through softie designs on ravelry. i've got a big basket of wool next to the couch to get stuck into :D
i've also got a parcel waiting at the post office, the suspense of waiting to go and pick it up is killing me ha ha!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

oo oo I see mine amongst all those lovely buntings. xx