Thursday, October 20, 2011

my creative space.

isn't particularly creative at all this week.
yesterday i was feeling pretty bogged down, quite overwhelmed in fact. every now and again, i feel like i'm completely in over my head. there's just a bit too much going on and absolutely no time to get it all done.
there's a few too many ick things on my to-do list that are overshadowing all the great and fun and creative things i want to get done.
all these thoughts and feelings make me want to curl up in a ball and not do anything at all. and this in turn causes me to feel guilty for not using my time more productively.
it also makes me not such a fun person to be around, just ask my work colleagues from yesterday or bb when he got home from work. no fun at all!

today i'm tackling those icky things.
i've got a pile of mending to do. nothing big or overwhelming, just stuff i keep putting off that has been plaguing the back of my mind. a pair of pants to take up for bb, a button to sew back on a work shirt, a shoulder pad to sew back into a dress.

i've also got a beanie to finish that's been on the go for a looooooooong time. it's 80% of the way there and i think getting it to 100% will make me feel pretty good.

there's also a big pile of dishes (ick) but i'll tackle them after work, post post-work manicure :D

small, achievable things ticked off my mental to-do list to make me feel good!

all this is the main reason for me being absent the last couple of days from blogtoberfest. i don't think the commitment to blogging every day has been helping these feelings of 'too much to do' and guilt. something had to give and it was blogging (and to a lesser extent twitter). i'm therefore relinquishing myself of the commitment, if i post every day for the rest of the month, i do, if i don't, i don't.
there! take that feelings!!

less angsty creative spaces over here.


Cathie said...

get a good rest, sounds like you need a break. icky things are never fun & that's why we leave them (laundry basket full of clothes needing to be folded..)

blogging every day is great in theory..but unfortunately, life gets in the way.
chill Miss Nicole ♥

Vic said...

Good for you; relinquishing the commitment to blog every day; I bet the relief from that alone has made your day lighter. :)

Anonymous said...

I so agree with you mednign is NO fun.... hope you get through your list and your icky feelings!

Rie said...

Maybe you should schedule an "Icky" Day each week. And on that day, you tackle those ruddy projects that are Icky & it can also be the day that you clean the loo, the fridge & that brown thing stuck to the bottom of shoes. And make sure you follow Icky Day with Fun Day too!