Saturday, October 8, 2011


today i'm grateful for a few things.
i'm grateful for the life that i live.
i'm grateful that i have a steady job, and that my partner does too.
i'm grateful that i have my degree, even though i'm choosing not to use it right now, and the debt that i owe from my studies to get it are not forcing me from my home or life or lifestyle.
i'm grateful for my family and my partner and i'm grateful for the knowledge that they're always there for me.
i'm grateful for my health. and the health of those that i love. in case you don't already know, cancer fucking sucks, sorry for my french there...
and i'm also grateful to be maid of honour. i'm going to have you soooooo organised brianna!

sorry, sappy grateful post today, mainly inspired by this actually...
what are you grateful for? join in here.


Cathie said...

great things to be grateful for!
I hear you on the health. a friend just had some bad news about a lump, it definitely does suck!

stay healthy & happy Miss N ♥

Maxabella said...

A lovely life Nicole and so much to be grateful for. All the fucking sucks bits are made a little easier by the rest all adding up to so much joy. x