Sunday, October 9, 2011

sunday suppers.

i'm taking a leaf out of the lovely ppmj and committing my meal planning to writing this week.
do you plan your meals for the week? i've found that it's a great idea for bb and i! we do a big shop once a week, that way we have all the ingredients ready to go when we get home from work or wherever!
we've been planning quite well the past couple of weeks however we fell off the bandwagon last week and had ridiculous amount of take away, i think i only cooked one night! not great for our health or the health of our budget!

this week:
sunday - we originally had a bbq planned but the weather has put a dampener on those plans, good old sunday roast of lamb instead.
monday - i've got training in the city and bb is working. a nice and easy dinner of pork fillets and salad planned.
tuesday - a day off from work for me but tutoring in the evening. another quick and easy dinner, steak and salad sandwiches.
wednesday - bb is on his own tonight as i'm off to ncb to craft and celebrate a birthday.
thursday - another day off from work for me, chicken and noodle stirfry, i'm going to try and 'wing' a delicious sauce to go with everything, wish me luck!
friday - another quick and easy dinner as i'm working until the evening, tortellini with a spicy tomato sauce.
and saturday - out for a celebratory dinner with a friend who will hand her honours thesis in the day before, good luck anna!

hopefully it'll be easy to stick to, now that i've committed it to paper (er, screen?). well surely it couldn't be too hard, i'm out for dinner two nights out of seven!
what are you up to this week?

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PinkPatentMaryJanes said...

Sounds fabulous! Good luck with it all, sounds like you've got quite the week planned x