Saturday, October 1, 2011


oh hello october, or should i say, blogtober!
it's blogtoberfest time again and if you'd like to join in the fun, pop over and visit cathie and sign up!
i'm playing along for the second year and will therefore be posting (hopefully) everyday for the month of october!
before i start on my to-do list for this month, let's quickly recap on the month just passed...
i wanted to get a few bits and bobs done around the yard, which with all the lovely weather, i managed to get done with no trouble at all...

i got some seeds in the ground (basil, peas, beans, snow peas and corn) and replanted my strawberries into a hanging planter. the little wheelbarrow i had them in was much too shallow and the soil dried out almost daily leaving them looking very sad.
they're much happier in this bright little planter. and look how much the ivy has grown since last time!

i also planted some colour around.
pansies in this boot shaped pot.

and some more pansies and some daisies too in my flowery planter box. must remember to keep the water up to these over the hotter months...

i did get all of my drawers painted too, there's just no picture as it would mean i have to clean my kitchen floor and that's not going to happen any time soon...

so now october, what do i have in plan for you...?
apart from blogging every day, i really hope to get lots of little crafty things done (so i have something to blog ABOUT you see ;D)
i really want to get started on some things for christmas (i volunteered to have christmas at our place this year and i have LOTS of big crafty plans), i also finally want to get some things made to maybe sell (hopefully in time for christmas too :D) and i have a feeling i might be getting onto some wedding-y crafts too.
on the (boring) home front, i want and need to get the outside of my house looking nice (read, de-cobwebbed) and also the inside of my garage. it needs a good clean out and i want to get the walls prepped for painting!
oh and did i mention, blogging every day?!? hopefully with this nice and full list, i'll have plenty to blog about!

what are your plans for this month?


Vic said...

Plans? Plans? Are they those things organised people make...?

Happy Blogtoberfest!

Lea said...

ooh I love your pansies in that cute little boot. I'm toying with Blogtoberfest...Have a great weekend!

Kylie said...

We are moving at the end of the year and really need to make a start on Christmas. Also have a few birthday thrown in for good measure and would love to craft something for myself this month. Good luck with your list.