Sunday, October 23, 2011

sunday suppers.

another (mostly) successful week of meal planning AND another one planned.

this week:
sunday - delicious roast chicken, yes, the one we were supposed to have on friday night, still good though :D
monday - a long day at work for me, followed by a staff meeting. a quick and easy pasta bake is definitely on the cards, lots of protein, lots of carbs, lots of cheese, nom!
tuesday - i treated myself to a new cookbook on friday, a cookbook full of curries! going to try out a thai green curry from it on tuesday, can't wait!
wednesday - ncb night. brianna will be over for dinner and i'm working all day! something quick and easy, chicken pad thai should do the job.
thursday - heading off to a little soiree and will probably catch up with some crafty peeps for dinner. no cooking for me :D
friday - bb has requested fish and chips, so i'll bake both in the oven :D oven baked chippies and some crumbed and oven baked fish fillets.
saturday - another long saturday at work for me, hoping that bb will whip us up something delicious, maybe some steak sandwiches? fingers crossed!

ps. do you like the picture? it was the first thing that popped up when i searched 'dinner' in pinterest. picture originally from here