Sunday, October 16, 2011

sunday suppers.

yep so i missed posting yesterday. saturday is a big black mark on my blogtoberfest record. but i'm cool with it. i was sick and was super tired from working all day, and anything i wrote probably would've been a total snooze-fest! i've decided instead to post twice today, and well i bet it's still saturday somewhere in the world :D

anywho, back to blogging! meal planning worked quite well for us last week, i even fancied things up a bit on monday night, cutting up the pork fillet, marinating it and serving it with salad in some tortillas i had hanging around :D flexibility in the planning is nice ha ha!

so this week:
sunday - my mum is coming down to stay the night and i think we'll head to the pub for dinner. gotta love a pub meal :D
monday - i have the whole day off work (to spend with my mum, naturally) so i'll have a bit of time to rustle up something nice. roasted rack of lamb. yum!
tuesday - working til 5.30 means a quick and easy dinner. pork chops and steamed vegies will do the trick i think.
wednesday - working again! chicken pad thai will be nice and quick, oh and super delicious!
thursday - more work, ho hum. steak sandwiches with heaps of salad. i even bought some new olive oil so maybe i'll attempt a mayonnaise :D
friday - a day off but a big day of op-shopping planned. i think i might spoil us and cook up another roast! chicken this time. yep!
saturday - i'm going to leave in bb's capable hands. i'm working all day and he's at home. definiteley his job ha ha!

hrmm that all sounds pretty yummy!
do you have meal plans for the week?

i'll be back a bit later with some flea market finds!

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PinkPatentMaryJanes said...

Yum. A. Rama!

And you've got it right - flexibility in planning is definitely the key to success.