Sunday, October 2, 2011

in the bag.

i've been wanting to do a post like this for a while, i'm pretty sure almost every blog i read has done one at one stage or another and now i will too :D
i finally got around to taking the photos, well i was cleaning out my bag and happened to have my iphone in my pocket and it even had charge left in the battery (it's forever going dead due to the silly amount of apps i have open constantly...)
so this is it, the contents of my bag...

2 pairs of sunglasses (i have no idea why you'd need more than one, in case you were wondering.)
my purse
a tissue holder (hand embroidered by the lovely steph)
adhesive hooks (for the much mentioned, slow action design wall for above the bed, it will come together SOMEDAY!)
hairspray and hairbrush (neither of which get much use...)
glasses (alex perry, NOT with a big diamonte, or any sparkliness at all actually)
vintage gloves (they fit really well and keep my hands toasty)
a watch (should wear it on my wrist and then perhaps i wouldn't be perpetually late for work...)
a container of mixed nuts
2 sets of headphones (again, no idea why there are two...)
pens and a sharpie
bright red lipstick (again, doesn't get much use)
my keys
and a torch (we have a very dark lane that runs behind our house that i occasionally have to walk down. i can normally never find it though, as it's hidden amongst the rest of the crap in my bag...)

ok, well that's everything i think... going through and writing a list like this is kind of helping me to evaluate what actually needs to be in my handbag (ahem, 2 pairs of sunglasses?), maybe i'll have a bit of a clean up :D

care to share your handbag?


Cathie said...

i don't know why but I always seem to have crumbs at the bottom of my bag...!
your bag is pretty neat compared to mine.
I would definitely have panadol or nurofen in there too.

happy blogtober Miss Nicole ♥

planettreasures said...

You are very brave to share your handbag contents! lol!
I must have a look at mine too...I have a big handbag and I stuff all sorts of things in..

CurlyPops said...

I see pouchless sunnies... there's a crafty project for you!

Jane from Lil Pip said...

Visiting for Blogtoberfest.

I'm so stealing this idea for my blog this week (or maybe when I run out of ideas!!).

Mine will reveal nappies, wipes, random cars and I'm sure a crusty toast remanent!!