Monday, October 3, 2011

getting my bunt on.

a couple of weeks ago, i signed up for the bunting swap. with the deadline fast approaching (15th Oct), i really need to get my behind into gear and start cutting/sewing/crocheting some bunting flags into life!

i've got my suitcase of supplies ready to go. literally overflowing with vintage fat quarters and opped bits and pieces, i've got no shortage of materials...

and i've got inspiration coming almost daily in the mailbox, my bunting flags have started to arrive! Thanks ruth, alison and lionesslady!

did you join up to the swap? have you already sent your flags, or are you like me and leaving it to the last minute?
happy monday!


Lea said...

I've sent out 5/15 of my bunts. I hope to have the rest out in the next few days. Your stash of fabrics looks great! Can't wait to see what you stitch up for the swap.

Christy Franklin said...

I signed up too! I was a bit hardcore organised though (which is unlike me), and made all my flags the day I signed up, and sent them out the day after I received my recipients list hah!