Monday, October 17, 2011

getting my bunt on, part 3.

last thursday, i finished off the very last parts of my bunting swap flags, wrote on all of the cards and sealed everything up into envelopes.
would you like to see my flags?

i couldn't decide between using crochet or sewing to make my flags, so i just used both!
i backstitched in wool along the seam of the two sides and then crocheted into the backstitching :D

i also used my bunting stamp to make little cards to send with the flags :D oh and i stamped the envelopes. basically i just had a stampy good time!

i did put off posting this ta-da because i didn't want to spoil the surprise for anyone. there's nothing better than a nice surprise in the mail :D
massive thanks to rachael for organising everything. i can't imagine how hard it was to co-ordinate all those bunting flags to go to different places. clever lady!


Anonymous said...

They look great !
Mine have just been to wait by the letterbox. Happy Monday.

Sophie said...

Thank you for mine, you're very clever, it looks fabulous! Strangely enough all the bunts I've received until now have been yellow and purple! its like a pale yellow/purple vibe has gone out in the bloggy world! Loved your little bunt stamp too - very sweet! Have a great week, Sophie

Lea said...

And I received mine yesterday too. I love it Nicole. Thanks so much! Your little card is so cute too.

yaga said...

They are so lovely! And I loved your cute card with the stamps on it, such a nice idea!
Can you believe I got mine, too, already!!
Thank you so much!
Love from Switzerland

BeckyKay said...

What a great swap idea! Love it!