Tuesday, October 11, 2011

getting my bunt on, part 2.

my bunting swap flags are all made! they just need a little bit of tidying up (they have embroidery marker all over them!) and they'll be ready to be sent off!
as well as getting my flags prepped to send today, i'm working on a little decorative element to add to my packaging... a little lino bunting stamp!

now this stamp has been a long time coming, many many months ago, tinniegirl was moving house and brought a whole heap of her crafty stuff along to ncb to recycle. one of those crafty things was a set of lino cutting tools which i gratefully took home with me. the following fortnight at ncb, cathie brought along a little square of rubber for me to try my skills on.
they sat together in the top drawer of my crafty chest for all this time but now they're out and working together beautifully! the last time i tried my hand at lino cutting was in year 10 and was using actual lino. this was a massive pain as lino is not the most pliable surface and it has to be heated to make it a bit nicer to work with. rubber however, smooth as silk!
i will definitely be buying some more of this stuff :D

thanks for your generosity lovely ladies!

now i'm off to tidy up those bunting flags, as well as grabbing out my paints and getting stampy!


Cathie said...

very , very cute!
it is smooth to cut isn't it, beats lino any day ♥

Lea said...

oh please show us your cards. I have always wanted to try this too. So nice of the girls to share the love too:)

Anonymous said...

I just opened up my letter box to find a beautifully decorated envelope which upon opening contained a most delightful crochet trimmed bunting :) I actually found your blog this morning from our creative spaces and 2 hours latter I received a piece of bunting from you how lovely a new blog friend and a beautiful piece of bunting. I love everything about it thank-you so much xx