Saturday, October 2, 2010

spring planting.

the weather on the weekend was so lovely, i just had to get out there and get my hands dirty in the sunshine!

i found this little matchbook of seeds at uni one day, pinned to a noticeboard in the library. i immediately claimed them, and they've been floating in my handbag, waiting for the time to be planted.

the slogan on the back was pretty cute i thought.

i rustled up a planter tray, and some dirt and popped them in. can't wait to see what pops up...

i'm keeping them on my kitchen windowsill, they get lots of sunlight but the pesky possums can't munch on them! i popped some basil seeds in too. i love how it grows like a weed. a DELICIOUS weed!
don't mind my droopy coriander either, i gave it some water, it'll perk up soon with any luck :D

hope you're having a fantastic monday and that you're all signed up for blogtoberfest!


Liesl said...

It will be fun seeing what grows. Hopefully with this beautiful weather and sunshine, shoots will appear soon.

I am glad to hear that I am not the only one with possum problems. The last time I planted capicums, they were raised to the ground overnight!

Beck said...

I like the sound of your mystery seeds, how tantalising! No, not signed up for Blogtoberfest and am mildly regretting it now. Oh well, there's always next October...x

Heartfire At Home said...

Hi Nicole, lovely to find your blog from the Blogtoberfest list. :)

What a great idea the seeds are... nice little bit of marketing my the career coach! I wonder how many clients he gets from it, if any! It will be intriguing to see what pops up.

All signed up for Blogtoberfest.... my first one!

Linda. x :)

Michelle Walker said...

Oh i so wanna see what pops up from the seed...oh the suspense!!!