Thursday, October 21, 2010

my creative space.

is full of cramming today.
and primping.

i have my last exam tonight at 6pm so i'm both preparing for the exam and the partying that will ensue afterwards.

reading all about pharmaceutical treatments of hypertension whilst painting my nails.
learning the difference between cardiogenic and non-cardiogenic oedema whilst waiting for my hair to dry.

it's bound to be a fun night, once the horrible exam part is over and done with that is.

more creative spaces.


Liesl said...

I hope the exam went really well for you and that you are having a great time this evening!

Fourth Daughter said...

Thanks for commenting, from the lack of post on Thursday I presume you did indeed have a very good night!!

RobynLouise said...

Lol, was the martini shaken or stirred?! Hope your marks are what you expected :).