Saturday, October 2, 2010

some art?

as promised a few weeks ago in tuesday treasures these are my year 12 studio art final pieces.

they are a series of embellished photograms, portraying some things that have come together to make me who i am today (or was 5 years ago).

can you see my treasures in there?

pop over and see tinniegirl(a real artist!) to sign up for blogtoberfest if you haven't already!


Kat said...

ahh I just realized all my comments have not been working because I don't put the verification code in!Sorry! I have been commenting lol.

Well this is amazing and I wish I could suck out some of your creativeness and paint you a pretty picture

Heartfire At Home said...

What a great idea for a study.... the things that have come together to make you who you are today.

I've never heard of a 'photogram' before! Are they kind of like negative images or images in reverse (black where there would normally be white etc)?

Yours look lovely!!! I see a butterfly in there, one of my favourite things in the world with special meaning for me.

Was there 4 in your family? (4 spoons, 4 lollies).

Linda. x :)

Sandy Ang said...

Great graphic creations !