Monday, October 18, 2010

flea market finds.

oooooopsies. i'm a little late with this one. just a day though...
and it's for a good reason, i was actually studying yesterday huzzah! motivation has struck when exams are only a day away (not the greatest timing there...)

for aforementioned reasons, not a lot of op-shopping going on here, so here's one i prepared earlier (and by that i mean bought about a month ago)

i found this cute little belt the same day i found my < href="">vintage sunnies (so maybe more than a month ago then...)
i lurrrrrrrrrve it because
a) it was 99 cents. that's LESS than a dollar! amazing
b) it matches my peacock shoes almost perfectly! i can match my shoes to my belt and pretend i'm a stylish fashionista (i like to dream you see...)

more fabulous flea market finds with sophie.

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