Monday, October 11, 2010

finders keepers.

yesterday, after work, i sacrificed a few precious assignment hours (ok, so not much of a sacrifice) and headed into the city for a look-see at the finders keepers market.

i couldn't believe how much there was to look at!!! probably one of the largest markets i'd ever been to but i made sure i looked at EVERY stall.
however all this looking with my eyes meant i didn't take very many pictures at all... but here's a couple i did take, they're mainly of novel things i'd never seen before though...

the print is a little small but this card reads 'craft lady: you can't help but love a lady who isn't afraid to do nanna craft'
brianna spotted it and i thought it was wildly appropriate for me as the boyfriend almost continuously calls me a nanna for carting knitting or crochet everywhere. can't remember who was selling these, anyone?

speaking of the boyfriend, i saw this and couldn't help but think of him. it was just the coolest.
whenever i'm anywhere browsing, i can't help but look at things and see them as amazing presents for other people. anyone else have that problem?
gosh i can't remember who was selling these either! bad memory due to wayyyyy too much to see!

and these? well these were just the bees knees. books with covers made from vinyls. the inside cover was the cover of the record too. i really liked the photo album one!
find them here.

i had set myself a $20 budget for the day due to looming rent and bills so i didn't really buy anything... but my head is full of dreams so that's a good thing right?
ok well i lied, i did buy one thing...

brianna again spotted it and we both decided we couldn't let it pass...
yes those are knitting needles in my bag... it was a long train ride into the city ok?!
also, just a public service announcement... if you're going to knit on the train, make sure you grab some wool that is in a ball not a skein, otherwise you will have to make it into a ball on the train and people will glare at you when you hit them with your wildly flailing arms trying to untangle the skein and others will stare and laugh.
it took me the entire train trip in, and the tram trip from flinders st AND 10 minutes sitting on a grassy hill in docklands to get it into the ball ha ha. from then on out the knitting wasn't bad though...

hope you're monday is as painless as possible and that you a buoyed through it by a marvelous weekend!
i'm off to do start on some exam study as i successfully completed my last undergrad assignment last night (and handed it in this morning before the faculty office opened, therefore on time!!!)


CurlyPops said...

I have one of those Record Attempts notebooks. It's very cool!

Brianna said...

I wish we had bought one of those cards. Need to find where to get them from. Screwy laptop keeps losing net connection so I can't post properly :(