Saturday, October 2, 2010

flea market finds.

on thursday night i ventured out with some girlfriends to the mister mode night market.

it was a pretty awesome night... it was held in an old warehouse, with recently paint-splattered walls ( i believe there was a uni 'splatter' party there week before last).

there was music and a bar! i was good and didn't have any mid-week drinkies though.

sooooo many vintage goodies!!! and at amazing prices too!

i could justify buying new clothes, as i had taken 3 bags of clothes to the op-shop the day before. it kinda made me wish i hadn't donated them and had my own stall! could've made some cash, and then spent all my profits! next time definitely, well i hope there's a next time anyway!

so my flea market finds? i picked up 3 lovely dresses, 2 fancy-going out on the town type ones, and one more casual one which are all currently drying in the sun on the washing line aaaaaaaaaand.....

a pair of VERY cute shoes (that fit like a glove!) and this adorable bag.
i'm off to go and try and get those black scuff marks off the shoes now!
hope you're having a happy sunday!

there's plenty more flea market finds over with sophie


Tracey said...

what a fun place to visit.

I am utterly jealous of your shoe find - size 10.5/11 big foot me finds NADA at such places. Lucky you. Enjoy! :)

sue said...

They are great shoes and i am sure I read somewhere that eucalyptus oil will remove scuff marks?

nadine paduart said...

gorgeous shoes indeed....

Snooze said...

i love your shoes ... so me! i love a mary jane.
My Flea Market Find

Irene ~ RE~VINTAGED said...

Love the shoes too but like Tracey am a size 11!! Yeeks! (so jealous...)

Liesl said...

Those shoes are gorgeous!

I use Chux Magic Erasers on everything (even things I shouldn't, I suspect) ... I'd give the scuff marks a crack with one of those. (Though I'd better add a disclaimer about having never actually tried one on shoes!!)

Anonymous said...

awesome, stuff on here nicole ;)