Friday, August 6, 2010

thrifted goodies.

thought i might make an additional post to share the goodies i bought op-shopping yesterday.
i was actually pretty contained considering the number of pairs of boots i was literally drooling over.
luckily for my hip-pocket, they were MUCH too expensive, especially considering they were in an op-shop. my hard and fast rule is, if i can buy it for cheaper in a regular shop, it's too expensive for an opshop.

so only two buys really, the wide red belt, $5 from the salvos oppie.
and that MAGNIFICENT bag, $5 from the epilepsy op-shop around the corner from my house.
i'm pretty sure it had a past life as a camera bag, but that just means it has enough pockets for all of my things. i love pockety bags ha ha!
i just spent the last half hour transferring all my bag things from my old bag to my lovely new one, working out which things needed to go in which pockets and such.

i swear i'm going to do some work now, especially as i just found out i have an assignment due monday. eep! going to be a BUSY weekend!!!


CurlyPops said...

The prices at the oppies in Melbourne have just become ridiculous now. I was looking for jeans during the week and the salvos wanted up to $25 for a pair. There's no way I'm paying $25 for secondhand jeans!

Snooze said...

i don't know what some of the op shops are thinking when it comes to pricing ... especially the salvos and vinnies.
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