Friday, August 13, 2010


i recently inherited this obese little box of knitting needles from my nanna.
sooooo many different sizes and lengths!

so i spread them all out on the floor, and sorted them out into the different gauges. the different forms of measurement for the gauges had me a little confused, but a quick google-ing session, and the gauge meter on the other half of the broken box helped immensely ha ha!

soooo many different sizes and types, some circular needles, some double pointed, lots and lots and lots of little tiny thin plastic-y ones.

after spreading and then sorting, i filled up my knitting roll. i think i've got plenty in there now, it's SO full!
oh and can you see those lovely pink bobbly wooden ones?

they didn't actually come from my nanna, nor did they come from a shop. they were a lovely present, from jodie at the haby goddess. i feel a little guilty, she sent them to me a little while ago and i haven't shown them off yet!
thanks so much jodie! if you aren't already a follower of the haby goddess, you should definitely have a little, look-see. lots and lots of cute haberdashery type crafty things!

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Maxabella said...

You are needled up and ready to fly! Go Nanna!