Friday, August 27, 2010

in the postbox.

a few weeks ago i won a little prize from clare's craftroom. one of her lovely patterns, and i was allowed to choose! after a bit of a think i chose one...
and it came in the post earlier in the week! i get ridiculously excited whenever i get mail that isn't a bill or a waste of paper from centrelink.

look how lovely clare wrapped it! the paper is really lovely. like the old lady i am, i opened it carefully and folded it up to use later.

but look what was inside! the cute pattern that i chose and clare wrote me a lovely card! she even included some spare coathangers. i plan to make lots of these cuties!now if only i can find my pesky machine foot (i've lost it, well it's been misplaced at least...)

i got even more excited after drooling over the pictures of the chocolate truffles on the front of the card, i turned it over and there was the recipe! i'll definitely be trying that one out!

thanks so much clare! you made my day!


Unknown said...

I'm so glad you liked your prize !

Mistea said...

What a gorgeous prize - can't wait to see your wardrobe. yummy chocolates - hope you have time to give the recipe a try.