Monday, August 16, 2010

oh it's that time of year again...

it's wet and cold.

and i'm buried under a MASSIVE pile of homework. 4 assignments and 2 online quizzes.
oh and i'm doing placement all week.
early mornings + long days + hormones + piles of homework = very angry, stressed coley.
luckily my placement is actually quite lovely and i'm learning a bunch of stuff!
and the homework? well i'll chip away at it slowly...

the friendly addition of birthday pie and ice cream helps (thanks bri!).

anywho, not a lot of dabbling happening this week, every free moment is taken up with reading, reading of text books that is. anyone need to know anything about blood pressure, atherosclerosis or hypercholesterolemia? i'm currently becoming an expert! (well not really, i'll learn enough to pass my assignments...)
ok, whingy rant over!
tomorrow will be a good day :D


Maxabella said...

Even your whingey rants have a positive vibe! Good luck getting through your workload. x

Brianna said...

Good luck darlin. I'll try and send you pretty pics or blogs to cheer you up!