Wednesday, August 25, 2010

day of rest.

after working my absolute butt off for the last week and a bit with placement and a million assessment tasks due, i can finally rest.
i only have one last one due on friday but that seems ages away today.
today is a day of rest. well as much rest as i can handle. it'll most likely be a day of cleaning and crocheting. i've had this pattern floating around in my brain and i desperately need to catch it with some wool.

i'll probably do some cooking too. i've recently started getting organic vegie boxes every week from uni. full of lovely seasonal vegetables that i don't actually know how to cook. experimentation time!

and look! see that lovely greeny looking plant up there? well it's a bit of an old picture, here's a new one.

LOOK! it's flowering. i had no idea when we bought it that it was a flowery plant but apparently it is. can't wait for it to flower properly!

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