Wednesday, April 27, 2016


as i mentioned when i posted about this top, i was very very close to being finished another big project off my list.

i finished it within a day or two of that post, but then it took me a fair few days to get some 'modeled' photos ha ha!

front view of bb's sweatshirt sweater in bendigo woollen mills luxury 10ply

i've posted lots of notes on my ravelry page about this one, as there were quite a few tweaks i made to make this the perfect jumper.
i did NOT want a repeat of the previous jumper i had knitted for bb, where i was so unhappy with it after a year or so, that it ended up being frogged!

i ended up buying new yarn for this jumper in the end, as the thought of swapping and changing between dye lots had me not wanting to even make a start.
in the end however, i ended up running out of the 1000g (!) of new yarn i had bought (bb has quite a bit longer body and arms than the pattern designed for) and having to swap and change between dye lots in the yoke as i was finishing up...

back view of bb's sweatshirt sweater in bendigo woollen mills luxury 10ply

i carried the two dyelots through the decorative ribbing on the back right shoulder, but it's not too obvious in the above photo i don't think...

i realised once i was a good ways into knitting the body, that i had a different tension to the pattern and i hadn't taken that into account in the number of stitches i'd cast on. absolute rookie error on my part, but thankfully, knitted fabric is super stretchy. phew!

close up of seamlessly knitted pocket on bb's jumper

this pocket is definitely one of my favourite things about the pattern. it's all knitted seamlessly, gotta love that!

the most important thing with this finish, is that bb LOVES it. if it wasn't for this crazy warm, completely unseasonable weather we've been having at the moment, i'm sure it wouldn't have come off his back!

this finish leaves two projects still on my list for the year.
though i mayyyy have started something completely new once i finished this up, so the likelihood of either of those two getting finished any time soon is slim ha ha.
we'll see!


Betsy said...

What a wonderful sweater! It looks wonderful and it looks like it will be well loved too! The color is perfect.

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Good job! Nice color.

kgirlknits said...

looks so good, glad he likes it! he's obviously a keeper ;)