Monday, April 11, 2016

monday morning catch-ups.

in the past month, there has been quite a few beach walks...

a series of stacks of rocks on the beach in inverloch

there's nothing like a walk on the beach to 'blow the cowbwebs away' as my mother in law likes to say. i always leave feeling so invigorated, and i loved when we came across these little rock stacks.
such patience and beauty.

the main reason for the multitude of beach walking, was a housesitting gig that bb took on.
in the seaside town of inverloch and looking after a pair of pooches too!

rex the greyhound, looking sad as i wouldn't let him onto our bedgretel the jack russell hiding under her blankets

rex the elderly greyhound and gretel the enthusiastic jack russell.
such little characters that brought such joy to our days. it was a pleasure to be there so that they could be at home in their own space!

i've been wanting to cook popcorn on the stovetop for ages, and the easter long weekend brought the perfect opportunity!

popcorn cooked on the stove in a red cast iron pan

with a good sprinkling of salt, it was SO moreish and delish, i can't wait to make it again!

on the knitting front, i've been working on some long-term projects (one of which is done, and i'm hoping to share in the next week or so) but there's also been a couple of quick knits along the way...

a trio of knitted baby hats, two silver (one with a pompom) knitted in sport weight and one blue knitted in fingering weight

when your bestie has a little bouncing baby boy, who is a little early, and a little small for his knits, there's not much else to do but cast on some new ones!
i'd say a couple of these are probably too small already for the wee poppet, but they kept his head warm while everything else was still a bit big!

and finally, the bits and pieces that make a house a home... plants and mirrors, artwork and soft furnishings. all packed up in the back of the car to be moved.

the car packed to the brim with plants, mirrors, artworks and cushions. oh and half of my face.

we're all moved in to our new place now.
i visited our little blackburn house on saturday on my way home from work, and it was so strange to see it without all of our things, especially after we've been there for almost seven years!

it's been a big few months!


Betsy said...

You've been busy. Moving, knitting sweet little caps and pet sitting too. My goodness! Thank you for letting us see what a wonderful life you have. The two dogs are so nice looking too.

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Lots going on in your life. Babysitting the sweet doggies must have been so nice. Nothing better than unconditional furbaby love. And lovely beach walks to boot. :)