Saturday, April 23, 2016

solar dyeing results.

a few months ago now, i posted about a little solar dyeing project i put together.
i waited until the 3-month mark ticked over this wednesday just gone...

a solar jar, three months on, stacked with walnut shells and a skerrick of a skein of shilasdair luxury 4 ply, originally in 'fleece cloud' colourway, but now quite a bit darker colour

and then got to pulling that sweet skein out to have a look!

i gave it a little rinse where unfortunately it lost a wee bit of colour. it dried outside overnight, thanks to the unseasonably warm autumn weather we've been having.

dried skein of shilasdair luxury 4 ply, solar dyed with walnut shells. now has a beautiful caramel colour

oh the possibilities!

i've got plans for this beauty, involving some fair isle, and the leftover naturally dyed skeins from this hat.
now to find the time to knit it...


Mistea said...

I really like this idea, but what patience to wait and wait wand wait some more.
I like the look of the colour you achieved.

KangaRooi said...

I love the result. Such a subtle neutral colour. What dye material did you use?