Thursday, April 21, 2016

part three - wedding celebration.

today's instalment of photos shares a little about our wedding celebration, the big party we had on the saturday following our little ceremony and celebration lunch during the week.

our original plan was to have this wedding celebration on my parent's property, and we had started looking into marquee hire and the like, when bb and i attended an event at an absolutely amazing little place...

the front of the archies creek hall, est 1901

the archies creek hall.
a super adorable little country hall, that had everything we had been looking at having to hire for our shin-dig, at a MUCH lower price tag. plus with a much cuter vintage spin to boot!

we invited everyone to arrive nice and early...

everyone finding a seat and a drink before we arrived

picking somewhere to sit, and settling in with a drink, to watch a little video from our special day that my father in law had edited together.

we then made a grand entrance...

dancing into the hall to 'come away with me'

dancing in for our 'first dance', right over to our wedding 'cake'

a stack of cheese wheels as a substitute for a wedding cake

being that bb isn't a big cake person, we opted for cheese! because who doesn't love cheese?

i was super grateful to my mother in law for putting this together, it looked so fantastic with all of the beautiful pieces of greenery and the crocheted band too!

slicing into our cheese 'cake'

we got the 'cake' cutting side of things out of the way too and while speeches were being made, our 'cake' was sliced up and served up for everyone to munch on as an entree.

handmade oregon cheese boards, getting prepped for the cheese entree

the cheese was served up onto boards that my dad and mum helped me to put together from giant lengths of oregon i picked up at a recycled timber yard.

cheese board nestled amongst greenery on the tables

i think they sat well on the tables among greenery picked on my parent's property earlier in the day.

oh and amongst the vintage crockery that came with the hall. a definite drawcard when it came to making my mind up about whether the hall was the right choice for us.

a vintage dinner plate, stacked with a vintage side plate, with a cloth napkin topped with a sprig of lavender side view of table setting with candle in the background

oh and the beautiful fish-bowl champagne glasses were a bit lovely too!

along with the cheese, we had a fabulous buffet-style dinner of roasted meats, vegetables and salads AND an amazing dessert buffet too!

and for entertainment, there was plenty of dancing...

guests dancing away to 'the nutbush'

nutbush is always a favourite.

and our awesome photographer luke (who, again, took all of these pictures!) hooked us up with a photobooth too.
it was SO much fun!

prop swap fun in the photobooth

the booth printed out picture strips for everyone to take home, and we got digital copies too. i think i might definitely need to share some of them in another post as they were just so cool!
for more details, check out the boothalicious site.

and finally, as our guests were on their way out, we encouraged them to take a plant...

trays of propagated roses ready for guests to take, accompanied by a chalkboard reading 'please take a plant home with you and help us to keep our love going'

roses that were propagated earlier in the year, from the yellow rose in our front yard in blackburn (i've shared it lots here on the blog!) but also, from the roses in my grandmothers garden.

it's been lovely having folks share how their little wee roses have been growing, some are getting quite big already!
i can't wait until they start blooming as there were lots of different roses that were propagated from my ma's garden. it's lovely to think that there are lots of little pieces of her garden out in the world.

i think i still have one or two more instalments to share... stay tuned ha ha!


Karen said...

Oh Nicole it all looks so lovely and the touch of your Grandmother's roses is wonderful. xx

Lea said...

I love the cheesecake! Clever idea. It all looks beautiful Nicole with lots of intimate touches. The plants are just a beautiful sentiment too. You have put so much care into the details. Congratulations again x