Saturday, May 7, 2016

#memademay week one.

as we finish up the first week of may, i thought i'd share a little something i decided to endeavour on quite late on the first day of the month...

i decided to participate in me made may!
i've never taken part before, figuring i really didn't have that many 'me-made' items in my wardrobe... but since changing jobs last year, i've definitely added a few new bits and pieces to my clothing stockpiles.

so without further ado...

wearing a colourwork sample beanie. main colour cream, colourwork patterns in natural dyed yarns in brown, oranges and reds

day one, my colourwork sampler beanie. it was a chilly old day, and this kept my head and ears toasty warm as i traipsed about that farm getting things done.

wearing a green pair of simple skyp socks

day two, a cosy pair of skyp socks. another blustery day, but i had the warmest toes going around.

wearing my knitted lace backed top over a black dress

day three, an outing to the movies with bb called for a bit better outfit than i'd worn the last two (tracksuit pants and a hoodie, with the addition of the aforementioned cosy socks and hat, ha ha!). i layered up my alcomar shirt over a black rtw dress. it added a wee bit more warmth and showed off my little bump nicely too!

a collection of star wars amigurun

day four, may the 4th, star wars day! i cheated a little and posted this photo of the amigurumi figurines i hooked up for our wedding bonbonniere. i was wearing handmade items, but none that i hadn't already posted!

wearing my purple triple stitch cowl

day five, and i left my phone at work! i made do with this slightly crappy photo from my laptop camera... one of my super favourite makes, my triple stitch cowl. this one gets worn a LOT. it goes with lots of things in my wardrobe and it's so EASY to wear! i love cowls as they don't fall off like scarves or shawls, my neck feels a little naked without it ha ha.

wearing my silver featherweight cardigan

day six, another favourite make. my featherweight cardigan. again, this one gets worn over and over again. the silver colour goes with so many things in my wardrobe!

wearing my lisette passport dress, sewn in a yellow floral

and day seven, today i wore this dress. according to that post, i made this dress FOUR years ago! it's had heaps of wear over the four years, and as it's such a heavy drill fabric, apart from a bit of fading, it's still going strong.
i'm particularly pleased as it's always been a loose fitting dress, it should hopefully fit through my entire pregnancy! woohoo!

i'll no doubt be back next week, with another weeks worth of me made pictures. hopefully even sooner though... i've got garden plans to share, and heck, i might even rustle up a meal plan! it's been an age!

now i'd best be off to bed, as you can see in that last picture, it's been a big week!

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kgirlknits said...

Awesome handmades from you, lovely! I'm thoroughly enjoying MMMAY16 too x