Sunday, May 22, 2016

#memademay week three.

phew, managed another week of me made may madness without any double ups! my handmade wardrobe really is a lot more extensive than i first thought...

rubus slouchy hat in light green yarn from bendigo woollen mills

day fifteen, i wore my rubus slouchy hat while pottering around the farm and also when i popped out for an hour or so to my fave vintage market. i had a couple of vintage items i traded for a couple of different vintage items. oh and i picked up a delicious slice of cake.
good day all round ha ha!

whorl cowl in handpainted lace weight yarn in teal and brown colourway

day sixteen had me wearing my whorl cowl while bb and i popped to a gp appointment and to get some groceries. oh and then it stayed on for the rest of the day because it's just so darn cozy!

fresh off the machine wiksten tank dress in purple floral

day seventeen and i was wearing something new! the wiksten tank dress i mentioned in my last post.
it was a pretty comfy dress to wear, and travelled well on my way to melbourne and held up while i was teaching that night too!
it also layered well with some other items in my handmade wardrobe, always a good thing!

terzetto beanie knit in an unknown brown yarn

day eighteen and i threw on a terzetto hat for the morning commute. this short hair business means i've got some cold ears happening, so much so that i pinched this hat from bb's woollies drawer. he didn't miss it, but i sure appreciated it!

simple garter stitch scarf in charcoal cashmere yarn

day nineteen saw me wearing another stolen woolly number from bb's drawer. a luxuriously soft and snuggly garter stitch scarf. it kept my neck beautifully warm and provided me with endless entertainment as it's 12309842 years old and COVERED in pills and fluff that i spent a fair bit of time pulling off.

tip top toe socks knit in biscotte cie felix blue yarn

day twenty and i had some cosy feet on the couch! tip top toe socks for the win!

a pair of chunky patternless beanies knit in rowan big wool. his and hers!

day twenty one, last night, saw me throwing on one of the chunky beanies i'd been working on to send away for the beanie festival this year. and i found one for bb too!
these are both knit up in rowan big wool, leftover from my foray into arm knitting. i had quite a bit leftover so i'm hoping to get a few more beanies out of it... and that means less yarn in my stash! yahoo!

a week and a half left of me made may, home stretch really!

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Cathie said...

wow! you did so well with all your handmade loveliness. I bet you are a little relieved to not have that pressure though.
happy start to a new month.
sending you and bump a huuuge hug x