Sunday, May 15, 2016

#memademay week two.

still going strong with the handmade items into week two of me made may.
next week might be a bit more of a struggle though ha ha!

jo sharp reversible wrap in a mushroom/purple colour of bendigo woollen mills luxury 10ply

day eight, saw me wearing my jo sharp reversible wrap.
according to ravelry, i knitted it nearly four years ago!
i tend to go through periods of wearing the living daylights out of it, and then promptly forgetting about it's existence. i do love wearing it when i remember it's around though ha ha.

sugar maple socks knit in waikiwi sock prints in purple

day nine, another pair of handknit socks. this time the sugar maple socks.
perfect for schlepping around the house in. particularly when our new abode is seriously lacking in the carpet department.
they keep my toes nice and warm!

honey cowl knitted up in teal moda vera pure wool

day ten, i wore my honey cowl while chook wrangling. knitted up in some cheap and cheerful wool from spotlight.

hitchhiker shawl knit in blue colinette jitterbug

day eleven saw me rocking my hitchhiker shawl, one of my absolute favourite knits from last year!

m.1. solo knit in bendigo woollen mills colonial 8ply in colourway mocha

day twelve i was back to work! i spent all day with this cosy m.1. solo wrapped around my neck. i knit it up in some yarn i picked up from the bendigo woollen mills backroom, and as i didn't have quite enough to make a generous scarf, i seamed it up to make a perfect length cowl!

handmade pjs sewn out of vintage floral sheeting

on day thirteen, i wore some handmade pj pants. well, i didn't wear them ALL day obviously, but from midnight to 8am ha ha.
to make these, i cut around an existing pair of pjs, and sewed up the seams. a casing at the waist for some nice thick elastic and some quick double turned hems and they were done. all from a vintage doona cover. too easy!
which reminds me, i should probably make myself some more!

rubus cowl knitted in what may have been a 12ply from the backroom at the bendigo woollen mills in a dark green colour

day fourteen i kept cosy at work with my rubus cowl hanging around my neck. i knit it up in another discovery from the bendigo woollen mills backroom. magical place that it is!
it's super hard to capture the colour of this beauty correctly, it's quite a dark green!

and that's it for this week! i'm quickly running out of handmade items, so hopefully i make it through week three! week four... well that will be a struggle ha ha!
wish me luck!


Betsy said...

So pretty. I love all of your makes.

Cathie said...

gosh you are so clever! I think you could go months wearing your me made clothes.
love your little photobomber too.