Wednesday, May 18, 2016

green love.

since moving back to the country, i've been spending some time assimilating my plants among what's already fairly established on my parent's property.

a couple of lemons hanging in a lemon tree

we're so lucky to have access to a great little citrus grove, very much looking forward to not having to buy lemons or limes for the foreseeable future!

most of the plants i had in blackburn were in containers all along, which made them super easy to move.

planter box full of herbs, with various pots dotted around it

the herb box above was the only of my four planter boxes that i kept together for the move. the plants being very well established (since 2011 apparently), i was a little afraid to rip them out and put them into pots to transport.
luckily, it was the smallest of the four planter boxes i have, and i have a big strapping husband who was able to move it with his dad and brothers!

there's a couple of pots and things that i've sprinkled about the property...

gerber daisies in pots with a mint pot too

the hanging boxes with strawberries that i accumulated pre-wedding to hang on the fence are now all hanging on the sides and fronts of the bigger planter boxes.
the big planter box below is full of teeny lettuce seedlings!

large planter box with teeny lettuce seedlings with several hanging boxes filled with strawberries on the front teeny lettuce seedlings

can't wait until they get a bit bigger!
it'll be great to be able to supplement our meals with some homegrown lettuces!

this little planter box has always been filled with flowers, but after digging them up, i've found new homes for them. i thought this planter box would make a great second herb garden, for some of the herbs that i've always had in pots.
you can't even imagine how root bound some of the pots were, poor herbs!

second herb garden with basil, chives, sage and parsley

the perennial basil in particular is already showing signs of being super happy in it's new home, with HEAPS of new growth.
hopefully everything else kicks on happily too!

the second larger planter box is set up around the other side of the garage to everything else i've shown so far, right next to the veggie patch.
i've planted the two grapes back into it, they've been in there for ages... but in recent years, they've been more than a little overtaken by the raspberries i planted in there too.
i figure having a chilli plant between them this time will be a bit safer!

large planter box with two grapes and a chilli plant new grape leaves growing on the vines

they seem to be quite happy, growing NEW leaves coming into the coldest part of the year. bit crazy ha ha!

bb and i got a little work done in the veggie garden last week, removing the tomato plants and getting a few new things in the ground...
carrots, spinach, tonnes of onions aaaaaand...

new garlic sprouts freshly popped out of the ground

garlic! they've already started popping their little heads up after only being in for less than a week!

counting my chickens before they hatch here, but i can NOT wait to be eating our own garlic... we've planted a tonne so hopefully that increases the odds we'll get a decent haul!

as well as planting out lots into the veggie garden, i've also planted some broad beans and more carrots and garlic into the little patch beside the chook house.

broad beans sprouted out of the soil, surrounded by weeds! eep!

the broad beans and garlic have already gotten themselves nice and established, as have the weeds!
look at them all!

a good weed and mulch of this bed is definitely on the agenda in the next week!

phew, so that's a bit of a catch up about what's happening in the world of green around here! hopefully i'll remember to keep this space updated with what's going on in these green spaces.

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