Wednesday, June 1, 2016

#memademay week four and a half.

phew, and just like that, may, and me made may is OVER!
may was quite possibly the quickest month ever no?

taking part in me made may for the first time this year, was super eye opening... to just how much of my wardrobe is actually me-made, but also to some gaps i think i'd like to fill.
it's also made me realise, i have some more mending to be done too! i might try and get to work on a name and shame post this week, like i did last time i had heaps of mending to do!

i also feel like i want to make some more room in my life for some more sewing! i have quite the wee fabric stash happening, and although i did manage to cut into some of it this month, i'd love to work through some more. i definitely have some garments, and other things in mind!
relinquishing the potential knitting time will be hard though ha ha!

any who, on with the last little installment of my me made may!

kicking back by the fire with some cosy vanilla two at a time socks on

day twenty-two saw me kicking back by the fire with my feet enclosed in some very basic two at a time socks on. i knit them quiiiiiite a while ago, but they were pretty much my first foray into socks... i've learnt a bit since then, including how to darn, so there's no excuse for the big ol' hole they're sporting in the back of them!

chunky knit beanie in forest green, featuring a chevron patterning in the body

on day twenty-three i rocked a pretty new hat for a while. it was the third in a series of pretty chunky knitted hats, two of which bb and i sported last week. i was hoping to get a whole heap knitted up and sent on to the beanie festival, but i just didn't have my head in the game this year! not to worry though... i know somewhere they'll be appreciated!

a pair of cabled 'kallan' mitts knitted in a blue, every so slightly tweedy yarn

day twenty four, these beautiful mitts kept my hands cosy as i pottered about the farm, tending to the chooks and the vegie patch. they're knit up in some yarn i scored from the bendigo back room which i still absolutely adore!

a simple ribbed scarf in a navy blue

day twenty five and i pinched another of bb's knits as i headed out the door for a walk in town with mum. we ended up shopping (ick, i really hate clothes shopping!) and i ended up in a change room with decent lighting, hence the gratuitous dressing room selfie ha ha.
the scarf is a super simple ribbed scarf, knit up in a navy 8ply from goodness knows where. it's been kicking around for quite a while this scarf!

navy ribbed hat, knit to match the aforementioned scarf

another of bb's knits borrowed for day twenty six. this time a wee hat, knitted to match the previous days scarf. i have no idea how it stays on his head as it is really, too small for my tiny head... and his is quite a bit bigger than mine!

wearing my 'kallan' cape, knitted in bendigo woollen mills 8ply luxury in a pale blue colour

day twenty seven saw me finally finish my kallan cape by finding the perfect buttons at work! it was a super busy day, so it then took me the rest of the day to get them sewn on... but i had great fun wearing it around the shop for the last little bit of my day, and then it kept me nice and warm on my travels home!

fresh off the needles 'queensland beach' headband in orange cascade 220

on day twenty eight, i finished off, and then wore a queensland beach headband. i haven't been able to get this headband design off my mind since i saw it grace the cover of take heart, and with my new shorter do, i figured it'd be the perfect pattern for keeping my ears nice and warm this winter!
it was a super easy, and relatively quick knit... and it certainly does the trick in keeping my ears warm!

another 'queensland beach' headband, knit simultaneously with the previous one, this time in blue though

while i was trying to choose a colour for the aforementioned headband, i was struggling to settle on just one... so i cast on two at the same time! i finished this one at the same time as the orange one, but wore it on day twenty eight, keeping my head cosy while traversing between the handknitters guild yarn market and home.
this snap is from a service centre between the two ha ha!

a simple bright blue beanie, used in my blog header

day thirty, i wore a beanie that i had almost forgotten i had ever made... strange considering it is physically a part of this blog! it forms the background of my blog header right up there at the top of my blog!
i remember absolutely adoring the texture of the stocking stitch and the colour, and having to use it as the background ha ha!
it's quite different to how i knit beanies these days though... with a big seam up the back! i couldn't imagine knitting a beanie flat any more! how times change!

gratuitous bump shot. 25 weeks. the ultimate in me-made wearing!

and finally, on day thirty one... i ran out of unique handmade items to wear! so i wore my biggest work in progress ha ha... my baby bump!

paired of course with my honey cowl and some handknit socks.

i think it'll be a rare day that i wouldn't reach for at least one handmade item to accessorise with after completing this month... particularly as winter is now well and truly upon us!
the last few mornings have been super frosty, clearing to beautiful crisp days and then turning to very chilly nights. the fire has been getting an absolute work out!

do you wear a lot of handmade items in your day to day? ever joined in with me made may?

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