Thursday, June 9, 2016


this teeny little dress, has been one of the longest standing projects on my needles in quite a while!

started back in october of last year, it was definitely on the list of works-in-progress to get finished this year.
this list, that i've been banging on about since the start of the year, had five items, and this is number five! yahoo!
the other projects were these special socks, my alcomar shirt, bb's jumper and a very long standing cross-stitch project.

anywho, back to the dress!

close up of sleeve and shoulder of knitted 'clara' dress, knitted in isager alpaca merino in a silver colour

i'd been lusting after this pattern for a good while as it's quite a hard one to come by. it's only available as a physical print out, not by pdf or online or anything, and is generally only available to purchase in a kit...
complete impulse purchase on my behalf, but one that i don't think i'll come to regret in the future, as i now have a copy of this beautiful pattern and can make it again and again and again!

front view of knitted 'clara' dress, knitted in isager alpaca merino in a silver colour

i knitted this up in a 12 month size, thinking i could gift it to a former coworker with a wee baby girl, but being that she turned one in november, i have strong doubts it will fit her any longer!

it was such a gorgeous pattern to knit up, especially the beautiful lacework in the yoke. i did find the skirt a little tedious though and i think it was a main reason it took me so long to finish up! lots of teeny stitches in that there pretty skirt!

close up of button closure of knitted 'clara' dress, knitted in isager alpaca merino in a silver colour

the dress finished up beautifully after a wee block and a button from my stash.
now to get it to my friend sometime before her daughter's second birthday...

having serious thoughts about sizing it up (it only comes in two sizes...) by changing up the ply of the wool too. we'll see if i ever find the time ha ha!!


kgirlknits said...

This looks so gorgeous - worth the tedium of all those tiny stitches. I love this pattern too, but have never made it.

That wee button on the back fastening is just so sweet!

Betsy said...

This is beautiful. I would love to knit it for my 3 year old granddaughter if it was in the correct size.