Wednesday, June 8, 2016


oops, it's inadvertently been a week since my last post... definitely didn't mean for that to happen, but it did, so let's get caught up!

after bringing home the newest issue of pompom magazine, i realised, i really hadn't given the past two issues a thorough looking over yet...

catching up on some issues of pompom magazine over a breakfast of cereal, fruit and tea

remedied over breakfast (well begun, let's be honest... the picture, the articles, so much to look at!)
you'd better believe i had my phone sitting next to me and that my ravelry project queue is looking a little healthier! and i even found a project or two to use up a little stash yarn to boot!

winter is definitely here!

frost and fog in the morning, caught by the morning sun

frosty, foggy mornings have been in great supply round these parts, and the fire, as well as my collection of winter woollens have been getting a work out!

you might say the nesting instincts are kicking in...

sorting and labelling the magnetic grundtal spice jars

when i got home from melbourne last week, i just HAD to label and alphabetise the spice jars. priority one when it's 6:30pm on a sunday and there's no dinner planned to speak of...
jeez i'm happy they're done though!

a wee catch up lunch with family last week, saw me giving this lemon tart recipe a go.

homemade lemon tart on the table

cathie's recipes are always my faves (i basically know this banana bread one by heart i've made it so many times!), and having tasted these amazing tarts before, i knew it would be a winner!
and oh boy, it was! so simple and easy, particularly for a recipe where you're making pastry and a curd, and so flipping delicious!

last sunday, i met up with some folks and hit up the hand-knitters guild, annual yarn market.

a ball of pure white alpaca/merino/bamboo blended yarn, a skein of dk weight yarn in olive greens and a skein of sock yarn in moody greys and blues

despite telling myself i do not need any more yarn, i walked away with these three beauties. a skein each of merri creek sock and darling road dk from miss click clack and a big ol' ball of a beautiful alpaca/merino/bamboo blend from the alpaca yarn lady.

as well as purchasing yarn i didn't need, i got to hang with a gorgeous group of ladies and have lots of fiber friend catch ups. a great day out!

in my last stint in melbourne, i was so grateful to come home with this gorgeous thing...

a beautiful, likely handmade, spinning wheel in a dark coloured timber

a beautiful, suspected handmade, spinning wheel!
gifted to me as it's former owner hadn't used it in a decade or two and wanted to see it go to someone who would love and appreciate it. definitely already ticking those two boxes, even if i haven't quite gotten it back into working order yet... stay tuned folks!

what a thing to come home to after a busy few days away at work!

a delightful collection of biscuits with a handwritten note

a little package full of biscuits from the badass biscuit co. i was lucky enough to win these delicious morsels in an instagram competition and boy were they scrumptious!

so that's been pretty much me the last week and a bit, what have you been up to?


Zena said...

You've been doing two of my favourite things - lots of fun crafting and sweet eating. I was wondering where did you get those spice jars? I've been looking for stainless ones but can't find them anywhere! Only glass ones.

Mattykane said...

I'm gonna guess she got them from ikea! Sister there is one important knitting project you haven't started yet! Hahaha did the magazine only have one picture? Stuff that