Friday, June 10, 2016

meet the mendees.

as i mentioned earlier, the list of things to be mended around these parts is getting a wee bit out of control.
to keep me accountable, i thought i'd share here, and set myself a little goal of the end of the month to get them ALL dealt with and back into bb and my wardrobes.

big toe poking through a hole in my tights

first priority for me is this pair of tights. there's nothing more uncomfortable than a toe poking out of your tights into your shoe! oh and this pair might not be alone either...
the two pairs of beautifully warm fleecy tights i own, both have toe holes! the shame! it can't go on any longer!!

i also noticed that one pair has a tiny knick just above the knee which i'll definitely need to get on to straight away, to avoid a run and a bigger mess to fix down the line.

i've also got a couple of cardigans which need some love. one has a hole in the seaming under the arm, which should be super simple and quick fix. the other will be a little trickier though as it has a series of little knicks in it, courtesy of my fabric shaver. someone wasn't holding the fabric quite taut enough... and didn't seem to learn the lesson after the first time, or the second, or the third... did i mention it's a series of holes ha ha?!
anywho, as it's in quite a state, i've got a bit more creative mending solution in mind, it'll take quite a bit more time, but will freshen up an old cardi (which i'm pretty sure i bought for $10...) and give it some new life!

bb had mentioned to me a couple of times that there were holes in his jean pockets...

pockets of bb's jeans looking threadbare and holey

and upon inspection, it was super apparent why he was losing coins down the leg of said jeans!
these pockets are basically destroyed and will need to be completely replaced! not quite the quick needle and thread job that i thought they'd be originally, but will be worth the effort considering otherwise, the jeans are still in good condition!

i also have a pair of socks that have some nice big holes to be darned in the heels, and a pair of much loved pyjama pants that are in desperate need of new elastic.

wish me luck y'all, i've got quite the list to work on!

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Cathie said...

you are SO good!! I always plan on mending tights and then never do. I used to do them for Amelie's school tights as she was eating through them but now I'm lucky she doesn't outgrow them before she rips them.
Have fun mending and enjoy the long weekend x