Friday, October 16, 2015

show and tell.

this week's finish, comes after my questioning at the end of last week's post, regarding what to do with the yarn i had leftover...
well it didn't take me very long to decide at all!

milo vest knitted in orange colinette cadenza

another of georgie hallam's patterns, the milo vest!

this one i have knitted before... i think this might be my fourth to be honest! it definitely won't be the last however, as they are super fun to knit, as well as being very quick (particularly in this weeny size!)

i always find the body incredibly compelling to knit, with the small amount of cable design. i just want to get one more repeat finished... and before i know it, it's way past bed time!
i may have been a complete zombie at work yesterday for that very reason!

a close up of the hugs and kisses cable pattern. xoxo.

i knit this up in the 3 month old size, playing yardage chicken towards the end there... and i have in mind a good friend's growing bump. i just hope it still fits when it's cool enough for the little one to wear next year!

what have you been working on this week?


Betsy said...

Very pretty! I love that wee little cable.

Zena said...

Gorgeous! The cabling looks like naughts and crosses. I've bought the Milo Vest but have yet to take the plunge!