Sunday, October 4, 2015

my week.

blue and white ben elke lunch bag, ready to be packed with a jar of salad, popcorn and an apple a trio of sweet treats, purchased from the home of vegan delights, smith and deli in fitzroy sampson the cat, lounging on and around everything i was using to put together my wedding invites on our kitchen table fat chips, grain salad and chargrilled corn at gazi restaurant in melbourne elderflower and cucumber, pear and basil, and watermelon, ginger and vanilla sodas at gazi melbourne

a delayed post today as i was working all day, and then just HAD to get out and enjoy some sunshine when i got home.
daylight savings, you are very welcome here!

my packed lunch efforts have continued through the week, salad jars and snacks all the way.
oh and there's my beautiful ben elke lunch bag too.. making this whole taking a packed lunch thing WAY nicer!

picked up some delicious vegan treats on my way to the finders keepers market on friday from smith and deli. not pictured is the bagel with vegan cream cheese i devoured beforehand. so much yum!

this beautiful boy was so very helpful while i was putting the finishing touches on our wedding invites earlier in the week. so helpful, much sarcasm.

and for ncb this week, the girls and i hit up gazi. they looked horrified when i said i wasn't going to be having any meat or cheese, but the food that i did eat was crazy good! as were the soda's that we washed our dinner down with.
mine was an elderflower and cucumber soda, which may or may have not been spiked with a wee shot of gin. it was the perfect beverage for a beautiful spring evening!

what have you been up to this week? eaten anything delicious?

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