Monday, October 12, 2015

meal plan-less monday

this week, bb has taken the week off from work while i am set to work six days in a row.
that can mean only one thing. a week of not cooking for meeeee!

instead, when i come home from work, i'll work on finishing up these sleeves...

two, almost-finished sleeves, knit in bendigo woollen mills luxury in blue denim colourway

and maybe even make a start on the body too!

i'll have a bit of a play in the garden...

a close up of a few broadbeans, growing in the front yard

harvesting little bits here and there. these broadbeans made it into a dinner last week, making it all the more delicious!

and maybe i'll even have a little hunt through my stash...

a snippet of the extent of the button collection

for a few buttons for my newly finished cardigan.

now i'd best be off, dinner is nearly ready!

do you do the cooking in your house? what would you do if the cooking was being done for you?

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