Friday, October 9, 2015

show and tell.

this week i'm sharing a wee cardigan i've been working on for the last couple of weeks.

i've been wanting to knit up a granny's favourite for what seems like forever, so when i came across this yarn, i knew it was time!

granny's favourite knitted in colinette cadenza in ginger cinnabar colourway.

i snapped up the yarn when we were having a mega sale in sunspun a few weeks ago.
i'd never seen the colinette cadenza before, but having knit with the jitterbug in the past, i knew it would be a treat.
also i just couldn't walk past the colour! there's a little lady in my family whose favourite colour is orange so a granny's favourite it had to be!

close up of the inside of the button band

this isn't my first time knitting one of georgie's patterns, but i still can't help but marvel at the beautiful details she includes.
the lacework is the sweetest thing ever.
and boy do i love the slipped stitch along the inside of the button band. it helps the button bands sit flat against the body AND means they can be worked seamlessly.
there's nothing i love more than finishing up a project, casting off the last edge, and having only half a dozen ends to sew in... no seaming required!

close up of the neckline with lace detail

as i suspected, the cadenza was an absolute dream to work with. my only concern is that i now have a whole skein leftover... what to do? what to do?

now, i'm off to pop this baby in the bath. it definitely needs a good ol' block to relax the body and sleeves, and open up those lace panels a bit!

what have you made recently? have you knit one of georgie's patterns before? are you a seamer, or do you, like me, prefer seamless makes?

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