Saturday, October 31, 2015

radio silence.

things have been a little quiet over here the last couple of weeks...

a fortnight ago, on a sunday, i was putting together a 'my week' blog post, sitting down to some dinner with bb, and watching a little tv when our cheeky and much loved kitty started making a big racket.
he was meowing and yowling and hissing, quite obviously in a huge amount of pain.

we rushed him straight to the vet, where we were very quickly informed that things weren't looking good. a blood clot lodged in the artery feeding him back legs, a blood clot caused by a dodgy heart. a dodgy heart which had also filled his little lungs with fluid.
we made the incredibly hard decision to have him put to sleep, as even after a whole load of pain relieving drugs, he was still in immense pain.

it's been a pretty hard couple of weeks since we lost our little fella, and i don't think it will be something we get over quickly. to be honest, just while typing i've had a little tear up...

he was such a big part of our lives, always around to greet us after our days of work (or even just quick walks around the block) and always keeping us well and truly entertained with his crazy antics.

he;ll be missed everyday and be forever in our hearts.


Heidi Vanzet said...

I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your beautiful cat. I cant even begin to imagine how you'd be feeling. It would have been the hardest decision to make. I wish i could just jump through my computer and hug you and make everything ok :( If you ever need anything at all, i'm here. Sending you and ben so much love and the biggest comforting hugs xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Kylie said...

much love to you, it's always a hard thing to lose a loved animal :(