Friday, August 1, 2014


whew. the year is well over half over now, and i still feel like it's only just begun!
wasn't january just yesterday? seriously?

my goals for july, were a little more realistic than my goals for june... and i pretty much got everything done!

my cousins socks are all done! my cape is done (i'll share that next week hopefully)! one of the two blankies i was swatching is done (and i'm hoping to get some photos taken this weekend, and in the shop early next week), and the other is well on it's way now! i took my lunch to work every day (bar two, towards the end of the month...) and as a result, bb and i have saved a bit more than normal this month. and THAT always puts a smile on my face!
and as i posted on wednesday, there are some spinach and rocket seeds over where my onions WERE growing...


the above picture is one i snapped today, the first day of august and the coldest of the year. it hailed like crazy while mum and i were heading home from visiting ma, and the roads were SUPER icy!
we were super grateful to get home safely as we saw a couple of crashes, bit scary!

anywho, plans for august...

i'm aaaaaaaalmost finished up one of the green socks i've been knitting for myself, so i'd love to get both of those finished by the end of the month. as well as finish up the other baby blankie i'm working on... i think that'll keep me pretty busy, but in case i run out of thing to knit, i've got a ball of wool to knit myself up a beanie with. i've lost my one and only beanie! big oops at this time of the year!

i'm hoping to get outside and plant out the onion seedlings i left at mum and dad's in the next couple of days. And i'm also hoping to keep things neat and tidy in the garden at my place, getting some mulch down and getting everything organised for spring's arrival next month! woohoo!

what are you up to this month? do you have ambitious plans?


Betsy said...

It seems surreal to read about your ice and cold when we're in the middle of the most severe heat wave to hit our area in recorded history, (155 years). We've been having well over 100F for several days now. I love summer though and would exchange it for winter anytime.

Rachelle said...

Supposed to be winter here too, the last two days got to 20 degrees centigrade! Not as warm today though and usually days like that are followed by cold and wet or snowy.

Mistea said...

August has certainly started out cool!
Looking forward to the cape pictures. I'm down to single digit long rows!