Monday, July 28, 2014

meal planning monday.

oops, another week since a blog post... but after almost clearing my to-do list yesterday, i'm feeling super ready to take on the week ahead! maybe i'll even get some other posts written up and posted too!

tonight, i'm cooking this recipe. i've said i was going to cook this one a few times in the past, but it's actually happening tonight! the mince is already out of the freezer and everything. it's happening!

tomorrow night, i'm off to ballet, and bb is cooking up some lamb chops. hopefully with a whole heap of vegies too.

wednesday night, i'll be working late changing over merchandising. there's some pork steaks in the fridge we picked up over the weekend. i think i'll throw together a marinade in the morning before i leave, and let them get nice and tender during the day, then serve them up with some salad when i get home. or bb can. or i may just grab something on the way home ha ha! we'll see!

thursday night, i'm working late. i'll grab some bolognaise out of the freezer, and cook up some pasta. easy.

friday, i'm off to visit the parentals! i haven't been down to the farm since i was there farm sitting (well over a month now!) so i'm looking forward to getting my hands dirty and spending some time with my mum!

saturday night, mum and i will be home on our lonesomes as dad will be in town (figures ha ha!), i'm sure we'll find something delicious to eat!

sunday night, i'll be back home to reality. and potentially a sunday roast. fingers crossed huh?

what are you eating this week? do you have any recipes you keep meaning to try, but you never get around to them?

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Megan said...

Not really a meal but I tried out a lovely lemon yoghurt cake recipe tonight that I'll definitely use again.

Other than that I found a nice sounding recipe on taste - chicken with pearl couscous 'risotto'. In my use up what I've got in the pantry quest, there's some pearl couscous that needs using so that is on the cards for some point in time, maybe next week? This week in chicken it's honey mustard chicken to use of the jar of honey mustard base I have!