Wednesday, July 9, 2014

green love.

yesterday, was such a beautifully sunny winter's day in melbourne. i had a little bit of free time up my sleeve so i got to go out and play in my backyard for a bit.

it put such a smile on my face to feel the sun on my skin AND see some little flowers showing their faces.

a single one on my broad beans, and lots of buds soon to bloom (hopefully).

and some other buds soon to bloom too...

jasmine! one of my absolute faves!
i will be waiting with baited breath for these little beauties to plump up and spring open, releasing their intoxicating scent.

the other thing i noticed while i was out and about were the number of weeds that have popped their cheeky little heads up!

these were soon all pulled out, as well as the little bits and pieces that were springing up in all of my pots.

i was hoping to get out and give the lawns a trim this morning, but the weather is looking super peaky and grey out there so i think i'll spend my morning tidying and knitting and drinking tea instead. it sounds like a pretty good compromise to me ha ha!

what's growing in your patch today? any flowers showing their faces?

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