Wednesday, July 2, 2014

green love.

i actually meant to get this post written and posted LAST week but the lack of reliable internet on the farm messed that plan right up!
luckily, the story wasn't going anywhere ha ha!

one of the things i really wanted to get done while i was on the farm, was to release my poor little cherry tree from it's pot, and let it spread it's roots deep and far!

after a really good water, i dug a MASSIVE hole!
most of the holes i dig for any size plant, are normally far too shallow. with this one i definitely overcompensated...

i was quite happy with my timing on planting this guy. being almost the shortest day of the year, i was able to pick a great spot that would get lots of sun year round!

because my silly hole was so deep, the poor little tree looks utterly ridiculous in the ground. super low to the ground and very stumpy looking!
i'm hoping that being so close to the ground will protect it from the crazy winds that frequently grace the farm though. fingers crossed!

do you grow fruit trees? in pots or in the ground?

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