Monday, July 14, 2014

meal planning monday.

phew! i've just finished up a full on weekend at work but thankfully bb has kept the home fires burning and organised lunches for us for this week, as well as helping me to put together our meal plan for dinners too! legend!

tonight, i've grabbed some chicken breast out of the freezer, and i'm going to whip up some teriyaki chicken. it's one of my favourite go to recipes AND i haven't made it in ages!

tomorrow night, i'm off to ballet. while i'm out, bb will cook up some sausages and vegies. nothing fancy, but it should still be delicious.

wednesday, i'll find some beef mince in the freezer and throw together a cheat's lasagne. i call it a cheat's lasagne because you don't make a white sauce, or even a proper bolognaise really. super yummy still!

thursday night, i think i'll crumb some fish, and put together a salad. simples.

friday night, slow cooker osso bucco will be on the menu. if i remember to a) get the meat out of the freezer and b) put it in the slow cooker. sometimes i get distracted on my mornings off from work.

saturday night, bb and i are off to celebrate one of my friend's birthdays! heading off to a fancy place in the city i believe, can't wait!

and sunday, bb has been saying he wants to cook up some chilli for a couple of weeks now, i think sunday will be the day!
the leftovers should go nicely in some wraps for lunches for the rest of the week too! fingers crossed!

what are you eating this week? have you cooked pip's teriyaki chicken before? do you cheat when you're cooking lasagne too?

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