Tuesday, July 29, 2014

going backwards.

after finishing bb's jumper, i was super happy to have it done...
but then the more i looked at it on him, then more i realised that it wasn't the greatest fit.

particularly once it had been washed a couple of times, it was WAY too big!
i started to express my unhappiness about the way it was looking and fitting, and FINALLY bb has agreed to let me have another crack!

a morning of UN-sewing the pieces...
and then another morning of frogging...

and i've got a whole bag of balls of wool again.
i think it will be a little while before i get around to casting another jumper on for him, but when i do, there'll be MUCH swatching (and then washing of said swatches) as well as copious amounts of measuring!
this next version will hopefully be made to last!

i pulled out another project too...

i realised after re-reading the pattern, and actually measuring my foot that the size i was knitting was NEVER going to fit me! and as much as i enjoy knitting for other people, these beauties are destined to be mine! all mine ha ha!

even though i was almost done with the first sock, i figured it was better to start again, so i ripped it all out, and started it again almost straight away!

do you ever pull out your knitting? do you find you have to go backwards to be happy?

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Michelle said...

Ugh I hear you on the frogging! So many projects I'm not happy with, and I usually just stew about them! Good work on making that decision to change it though.